Where to find (and advertise) Scripture

Looking for a Bible? find.bible‘Some scripture’ (full Bible, New Testament or portions and stories) is available in 3,350 languages. In addition to translated text there are a huge number of related products including films, audio, children’s versions, graphic novels, tracts, Bible studies and much more. Sometimes the challenge is where to find them and how to promote them.

Many great websites already exist providing either the products themselves or indexes linking to products. Different organisations have different processes as to how (or if) a particular Scripture product gets indexed and what happens after that in terms of promoting scripture.

This is a brief directory of directories and some steps towards how to find and advertise scripture and scripture related products.

Finding print copies of scripture

Once if you wanted foreign language Bibles you’d need to contact your local Bible society or specialist publisher or supplier. These are still good options but today Bibles, like any other book, can often be found on Amazon.com and other online stores, and may also have partially digitized versions on Google books. There may be distributors in your country or you may be able to order from outside.

Amazon and other stores provide this service by taking a cut of the profits so it is often worth going direct to the publishers if you want to support them fully with your purchase. More and more scripture is available online and in digital form as apps. The digital versions will nearly always include details of the publisher and author or copyright holder and so enable you to search for print copies available near you.

(Even free Bibles are covered by copyright, as this ensures that the people distributing the content do so with appropriate permission)

The Digital Bible Society is one publisher committed to making print on demand Bibles and New Testaments available via Amazon. This does not seek to compete with other publishers but rather to make scriptures available to people who have left there homeland and are living in the USA, Europe, or other places covered by Amazon’s print on demand service.

Online scriptures (major collections)

Bible.com and YouVersion.com – 1884 online versions in 1302 languages (April 2019), each accessible online or via the Bible app. Many versions can be downloaded from the app for offline use

Bible.is – partnership between Faith Comes by Hearing and Jesus film bringing text, audio and video content in over 1500 languages

Bibles.org  – hundreds of languages and versions hosted online by the American Bible Society on behalf of the United Bible Societies. Including tools to use text in web pages and apps in over 400 languages at http://webtools.bible/

NEW Global.Bible is a platform for creating and hosting language and audience specific Bible reading sites. Each site can be customized with Bibles, colors, logos and domain and supports audio, parallel reading, and progressive web app installation. Each site is fully localized and all Bibles stay synced with updates to the Digital Bible Library.

Scripture.api.Bible  from American Bible Society and the digitalbibleplatform.com provided by Faith Comes by Hearing allow programmers and developers to use scripture in their own apps and websites. Both offer over 1000 languages. There will be an overlap but also some languages and products unique to each. (see details plus terms and conditions)

Scriptureearth.org – primarily minority languages with text in many different formats standardly shared under creative commons licenses. Includes online scriptures, downloads and links to Bible apps

http://ebible.org/– linked to a number of scripture sites that work closely together this contains scriptures in over 700 languages in similar formats to Scripture Earth. (The site owners of both are in contact and update from each other)


Public Indexes to available scripture
(links rather than hosted)

http://find.bible – sponsored by the Forum of Bible Agencies this aims to list all known scripture. Managed by the Digital Bible Society.

http://worldbibles.org – long established site by Mission Assist. With information on resources located and indexed by volunteers. Includes links to online and offline sources.

Wycliffe.net – allows user to explore the world filtering down as far as languages within a country. It provides basic info on scripture status and other language (drawing from Find.Bible, Ethnologue, Joshua Project and other sources). The site also provides articles and prayer items relating to the language and provides links to possible sources of scripture and further information.

Global Resource Hubhttps://indigitous.org/resources/media/ – Hosted by Indigitous (CRU) this multiagency site supplement the work of find.bible by listing a wider range of resources including videos, comic books, discipleship resources, etc from a growing list of providers. Resources are a combination of items submitted by produces plus recommended by end users to form a partially curated search engine. A wordpress plugin is also available to enable the directory to be used by other sites.

globalrecordings.net – audio and audio-visual materials for evangelism and basic Bible teaching in over 6000 languages and dialects

Regional and Audience Specific sites

Hundreds of languages have their own sites listing translations and other resources. This list is limited to wider collections.


New-Neighbour-Bible.org  – sponsored by Wycliffe Germany this lists resources in languages of Syria, Iraq,  Lebanon, North Africa (Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya), Afghanistan and Pakistan and plans to add other areas from which large numbers of people are moving to Europe.

Reachingthenatinsamongus.org – US site from “The Peoples Connection, an Initiative of Jesus Film Project” focusing on languages of immigrants to US

FreeBiblesIndia.com – Scripture website for Indian languages with download links for Android, iOS, Windows Desktop Bible Apps and Online Scripture Viewer.

BiblesIndia.com – Indian Mega site with links for Scripture Resource Websites in 60+ Indian languages.

Bibleforchildren.org Up to 60 printable Bible stories in full colour or black outline. Available in over 180 languages.  

Kurdisite.com – Links to material in different Kurdish languages: Bahdini, Hawrami, Kurmanji, Kurmanji (Transcaucasia), Sorani, Zazaki

1000bibles.wordpress.com is my personal site, a place where I find and link to other great sites. The web is a great place for people to find things. If you know someone who would find the links, information, and Bibles useful please share this link with them or print your own cards and bookmarks to tell others.
Peter B, April 2019