A new shareable app for the World English Bible

web_splash You can download this free app for your Android tablet or phone . (if you haven’t got an Android click here for other links)

Download the Free Bible for Android here (Latest version Sept 14, 2014)

Once downloaded click the file to install it. (You may need to go into settings > security and “allow installation of apps from unknown sources” but you can switch the option off again after installation).

Further improvements to the app will be made before the end of the year so come back and check.

We won’t try and sell you any extra features or ask for any information. You are also free to share copies with friends.

There are many good Bible translations and Bible apps. Some are completely free and others offer extra paid features or encourage you to sign up for reading plans. That’s fair enough. Before phone apps people expected to pay for Bibles and subscribe to reading notes and the people who develop such things deserve to earn a living and feed their families.

This particular app was produced using software developed by Bible translators working in West Africa. (Click here for a slightly technical blog post about the software)

In many places people are beginning to get smart phones but do now always have good internet to download apps. Apps built with this system can be easily (and legally) copied phone to phone. The World English Bible was designed to be free of copyright restrictions. (see the Preface “Pre” listed below the New Testament books) Many other good apps also allow you to download the World English Bible.

This will probably not be the only Bible or the only Bible app you ever use but if you like it we hope you share it with others.

Find a Bible app that works well on your phone and and a translation that speaks clearly to your heart. Use it, and let God speak to you. Share it and let God speak to others.

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