Kids resources: after the holiday club

kidscard  In North America and a few other places they are called “Vacation Bible Schools”. In Britain they are usually just called “Holiday Clubs” and they can be really great – an opportunity to learn something about God, play some games, make some crafts and often memorise a few verses of Scripture.

Amongst all the other things you send the kids home with why not send them with a few links to some Bible apps.

Here are the links:

You could show case theses apps on your own phone and explain that you read and listen to the Bible regularly.

You could give out a card like this one or design some book marks. (you could also share this card on facebook)

You can download a word document with the cards here  – 1000kidsbiblescontactcards

Also worth a look is is the SuperBook app and website which now includes text and audio from the New Living Translation. (will be asking our son to test this out)SuperBook Bible app

Feel free to come up with something better. Comments welcome.


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