OK Google: Where do I find help in the Bible

There wasn’t an “OK Bible” app available when I looked but I’m sure there will be soon and it will be possible to do a Google Now voice search by chapter and verse, topic, or partially quoted scripture. What would be the most commonly asked questions to “OK Bible?”

With so many Bibles available online or as downloadable apps searching the Bible has never been easier. You can find bits that you are looking for or follow links to parts other people suggest might be helpful in a particular situation.

You can already do a Google voice search and just ask your phone “OK Google, what does the Bible say about…” , just be sure not to take all the Googled answers as “gospel”.

Long before such interesting technology the Gideons were including a section at the front of the New Testaments that they gave out in schools entitled “Where to find help”.

Not surprisingly those  Bible Helps are now online. They can help you quickly find verses for when you are:
Afraid, Anxious, Apathetic, Away from Home, Bereaved, Bitter, Blaming God, Broken-Hearted, Bullied, Choosing a Career, Complacent, Confession, Conscious of Sin, Considering Marriage, Contemplating Revenge, Critical, Criticised, Desperate, Distressed, Doubting, Envious, Far from God, Feeling Hurt, Feeling Inadequate, Feeling Lost, Friends Fail, Gratitude, Heaven, Hell, Honesty, Humility, Ill, Insecure, In Danger, In Pain, Insulted, Intimidated, Jealous, Lonely, Made Redundant, Needing Comfort, Needing Guidance, Needing Peace, Newly Retired, Praying, Prioritising, Resentful, Sceptical, Stressed, Suicidal, Tempted, Thankful
…and that’s only part of the list. It also provides starting points for finding some of what the Bible says on a whole range of issues.Gideon Bible Helps

Each verse may be a comfort and a help in itself but they are also jumping off points into finding deeper truths. Quotes are helpful doorways into what the Bible is saying and reminders of truths already known. It’s always good to read or listen to them in context, and with electronic Bibles it’s easier than ever to quickly find a verse in context.

There are lots of other great online resources for helping search or navigate the Bible (more links here later).

People before you have asked similar questions and you have access to the whole Bible to test whether what they say is true.

Sometimes I have to ask my phone the same question twice, so I’ll ask the one at the start of this post.

What would you ask OK Bible?  (post answers as comments or tweet them marked #OKBible)

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