Nativity: Like vs Share

two very different movies
I’m borrowing an idea from Walmart because it seems the retailers often do a better job of promoting their brand than the churches do.

I am (a little bit) interested in which of these movies you prefer but I’m more interested in exploring ways that Christians engage with with and share the true story of Christmas, Easter and all the Bible bits before, between and after those events.

Movies like “The Nativity Story” attempt to retell the Biblical accounts with various degrees of accuracy (recent additions to the Biblical epic like “Noah” and “Exodus: God’s and Kings”, seem less interested in the accuracy).

Before such movies however more simple nativity plays became part of the culture. Again the levels of Biblical accuracy vary but they do provide opportunities to tell the story, and then to discuss the deeper story and it’s meaning.

Which versions of the Nativity have you watched recently? Have you told other people if you liked them?

How have you and your church shared the good news this Christmas in traditional or new and innovative ways?