What languages are spoken near your church?

Wouldn’t it be great if the languages that were spoken by the people in your community were also being spoken by people in your church.

In the UK, census data from 2011 was made available in a map shared by the Guardian newspaper. (click this static map to go to their interactive one)derby languages

This tool allows you to enter a postcode or zoom around the map and click on an area for a breakdown of the languages reported by households in the census.

The Guardian’s visualization only includes a selection of the 100+ languages identified in the census and the census still managed to merge a lot of smaller languages into various categories of ‘other’. But this is still a valuable tool to help you start thinking about what languages are spoken in your community and what you might like to do to make people more welcome if English isn’t their first language.

Data gathered from schools in England identified at least 300 languages (still not identifying all languages that are in use). Your local school may have data available on the languages spoken by their pupils.

Similar public data is also available for other countries but there are other ways to find out what languages are spoken in your community. Get out and meet people.

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