50 Resources in ‘lots’ of languages

Bibles are not the only resources that exist to make the Bible and the message it contains accessible. So far this site has mostly concentrated on being a single location to list a lot of excellent sites and apps that make scripture available in ‘lots’ of languages. (over 1,500 languages between them).

Taste and See is a new website (tastesee.org ) that just been launched that helps identify some of the many other resources that are available, especially for communities who might not otherwise have a lot of scripture resources.taste

The main purpose of the site is not to actually list what products are available in what languages but rather to help communities decide which tools could be useful for them to develop next.

Soon I’ll add a growing list here that simply links to one or more places to find some of those resources, a brief comment about them, and a list of how many languages each is available in.