This site exists simply to share information about where you can get a free Bible in your language, and to encourage you to share that with other people.

There are lots of websites, lots of phone apps and it’s not hard to find online or downloadable Bibles in several hundred languages.

I created it in 2014 so that I had a single place to highlight links to several excellent sites and apps. At that point in history there were audio and written scriptures available online in a little over 800 languages and I was able to look forward to a time when there would be 1000.

How long will it be before there are 2000 online?

This month I’ve created a facebook page facebook.com/2000bibles/ from which I’ll link to a few more pages and sites that can help you find, share and engage with scripture and explore how facebook is being used as a tool for scripture engagement.

Pete B, Oct 2017


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