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I built this site four years ago because I’m excited about having access to the Bible on my phone and tablet in different versions and languages.

I only really read it in English but some or all of the Bible is also available digitally in well over 1000 languages and yet many people still don’t know.

I built a simple web page so I could share some great things I found with you and to encourage you to download one or more Bible apps for yourself tell other people as well.

The new homepage provides yet more detail on where to find (and advertise) Scripture.  You can point people to this website or copy any of the links and ideas and share them on your own website, facebook, or even face to face.

This site contains one free Bible for Android phones and links to many more. There are rather a lot of English Bibles to choose from. Other major languages also provide choices in terms of the translation and the format. There are over 3,300 languages with some scripture. Scripture is now available on the web or in phone apps in more than 1,200 of those languages so there is a good chance that if you are visiting this site there is a Bible or at least a New Testament in your language on the web. , and Global Resource Hub – are among a number of sites attempting to keep track of all these languages and Bibles. Each allows you to search by both language and country and points you to apps or sites where you can actually download the scriptures or read them online.

The most popular free Bible Apps for Android smart phones

FCBH and JESUS filmYouVersionBibleGatewayMySwordAndBible

Each of the apps above offer hundreds of languages and versions. After you download the app you then select the language and version of the Bible you would like to use. (Many languages have lots of versions to choose from). Some have the full Bible and some just the New Testament.

The website and app from Faith Comes By Hearing provides access to audio Bibles in about 1,200 languages and copies of the JESUS film in even more. All the audio scriptures can be listened to online and most also have text but depending on copyright agreements not all are available for offline use.  Audio scriptures can also be downloaded just like any other audio files to play on your preferred device.

YouVersion is a highly popular Bible app by LifeChurch.TV which also passed the 1000 language mark in 2016. Some of these also include audio, links to the Jesus Film and lots of reading plans and features. A web version is available at has been around for a number of years. It doesn’t have quite as many versions and languages but for most of you it has all the ones you need and has a good set of other resources.

If material in your language  isn’t on Bible Gateway in may well be on where translations in 1,500 languages are available in a wide range of formats from online viewing, to downloadable documents and freely shareable apps (some with audio too).

MySword and AndBible are smaller players in the field of apps and Bibles. Their apps are little leaner too and don’t take up quite as much space on your phone. They are also open source which means that people are free to explore the programming that lies behind them and get involved in developing the apps or add ins that work with them.

Many other apps for many different devices are listed at

Single version offline appsfree and shareable World English Bible

In addition to the apps above which offer a choice of languages and translations there are a number of apps dedicated to just one version. The advantage of this approach is that the app might use up less space on the phone and be easier to transfer between phones where there is limited internet access. Examples include the ESV app by Crossway , a custom built “1000 bibles” version of the World English Bible available here and apps in over 600 languages provided by Wycliffe Bible Translators on the Google app store.

Bibles on Feature Phones

You don’t have  to have a smart phone to have a Bible on it. Many cheaper feature phones can play audio, view basic websites, and run games and apps. Audio Bibles can be downloaded from Faith Comes By Hearing and transferred to your phone by cable or bluetooth if you have enough room) – provides Scripture in several hundred languages.– is a platform for providing lots of games, apps, and web content including Bibles.

Popular Bible Versions

If you are looking for an English Bible then there are are a bewildering number of options. There are lots of good modern translations such as the New International Version (NIV), New Living Translation (NLT), English Standard Version (ESV), and lots of others. I use all three of these and have also used The Good News Version and the World English Bible. (The latter being intentionally copyright free).

Many older translations are also available on lots of platforms because they are out of copyright and easily made available.

Where there are multiple free versions in other languages some will be good modern translations and some are older versions from the past few hundred years that are not always easy for modern readers to understand. A google search may help you find more about any particular version.

Please use the comments to suggest apps and translations. If you are recommending a non-English translation feel free to write something in your language and in English. (If google can translate your comment I’ll check it.)

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