Audio Bibles in 1000 languages

In January Faith Comes by hearing announced the release of audio Bibles in 9 more languages along with that was the realization that 2016 will be the year that they reach 1000 languages.

2016 will also be the year when at least one book of scripture will have been translated in 3000 of the 7000 languages used on earth.


Pray for Faith Comes By Hearing and others working to translate and distribute scripture.

Join them when they celebrate releasing scripture in the 1000th language.

and start praying for the 2000th, 3000th and 4000th!



Every person who wants to know what the Bible says should be able to find out. — YouVersion

But they can’t. At least, not yet… If you’re reading this, it’s likely that you already have the Bible in your language. (We hope so.) You may even have several versions to choose from. But have you ever wondered what your life might be like without the Bible? Think about how God’s Word speaks to…

via Every person who wants to know what the Bible says should be able to find out. — YouVersion

Languages in Britain (and finding Bibles in them) , , and are among a number of sites attempting to keep track of over 3200 languages in the world into which some or all of the Bible has been translated.

Here are links to scripture in the 20 most common languages spoken by people living in Britain (part of a longer list from from the which lists thousands of languages and dialects (also may be some duplicate entries by alternate names). The graphic of languages in England and Wales is from the Guardian newspaper based on 2011 census data.

Western Panjabi
Chinese, Hakka
Arabic, Taizzi-Adeni
Persian, Iranian

Census Language map from the Guardian 2013

Go Tandem – an app to help you grow spiritually?

What Bible apps do you recommend?

Brassingtons in Britain

GoTandem app nudging in the right direction It’s strange how many people are spiritually hungry, but forget to eat!

I wasn’t quite sure what I thought of the Go Tandem app to begin with, but having tried it I think I’m a fan. The basic idea is that even people who know they benefit from engaging with Scripture often need encouragement to read or listen. (and they’ve done some studies to back this up).

A short survey allows users to identify areas in which they would like to grow spiritually and then serves up snippets of scripture throughout the day (again customized to the user) that others have found helpful. This isn’t a replacement for more in depth study and reflection but does provide a series of helpful nudges and reminders of truths people may already accept or verses that challenge them to read and reflect a little more.

I met one of the people behind it…

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Chrome + Android = apps on PCs and iPhones

Android Bible in Chrome

A Bible on Android in a Chrome browser on an Apple?

Yes I know PC’s and Apples have some great apps but did you know that you can run Android apps on a Chrome browser? That means you can run them on PC, Linux, and all those Apple things. No it’s probably not going to be quite as good as running on an Android, but might be enough to let you try enough cool things to want to get one.

What’s this got to do with ?

Well for one thing you can now run the Android Bible app that is available here and any other cool Bible apps and games that are available on Android but not yet on other platforms. The Scripture App Builder software that created that has now been officially launched (I’m just a humble fan and user of it).

Nativity: Like vs Share

two very different movies
I’m borrowing an idea from Walmart because it seems the retailers often do a better job of promoting their brand than the churches do.

I am (a little bit) interested in which of these movies you prefer but I’m more interested in exploring ways that Christians engage with with and share the true story of Christmas, Easter and all the Bible bits before, between and after those events.

Movies like “The Nativity Story” attempt to retell the Biblical accounts with various degrees of accuracy (recent additions to the Biblical epic like “Noah” and “Exodus: God’s and Kings”, seem less interested in the accuracy).

Before such movies however more simple nativity plays became part of the culture. Again the levels of Biblical accuracy vary but they do provide opportunities to tell the story, and then to discuss the deeper story and it’s meaning.

Which versions of the Nativity have you watched recently? Have you told other people if you liked them?

How have you and your church shared the good news this Christmas in traditional or new and innovative ways?

The Bible is…

How would you finish the sentence?

The Bible is…

So much more than a story book – there are great stories in it, some that will encourage us and some that should make us a little nervous. There are great stories of how God saves people but have any of your children asked? “Mummy why did God kill all those people?”.

So much more than a textbook for moral teaching – there are some great morals but for me as a child Sunday school and school assemblies too easily reduced the living word of God to a set of example for good living. Sometimes we’d have a bible story, sometimes one of Aesops fables.
Why not get together with a few people and explore Bible stories you were taught as kids, to see how they fit together and what bits were missed out in the Sunday school version.

So much more than a reference manual – anyone got a Gideon Bible with the handy section in the front of where to find help when… It’s good, it’s helpful, and sometimes a single verse really can speak into a situation but you need more if you are going to have a living relationship with the Father, Son and Spirit. (The Gideons would agree with that too)

So much more than proof texts – “All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness,” but the chapters and verses weren’t in the original, so don’t just grab a single verse. Finish the whole sentence “17 so that the servant of God[a] may be thoroughly equipped for every good work.”. And even if it’s helpful to commit some verses to memory read them in context and have a clearer idea what was (and is) being said.
So much more than a thought for the day – do you use Bible reading notes to start your morning, or listen to a thought for the day on the radio. If so great? They can help. But be careful that someone else isn’t doing all the thinking for you.
So what is it?

Here’s what a few others have said about the Bible

“The Bible is as true today as it’s always been” – Ricky Gervais (actually he’s an atheist who doesn’t believe it was ever true.)
“The Bible is the account of God’s action in the world, and his purpose with all creation” – Biblica (publishers of the NIV)
“The Bible is a collection of 66 books written by about 40 authors, in three different languages, on three different continents, over approximately 1600 years.”
“The authors were kings, fishermen, priests, government officials, farmers, shepherds, and doctors. From all this diversity comes an incredible unity, with common themes woven throughout.”
“Everywhere” – YouVersion (not quite right but they do have over 1000 version in more than 700 languages, accessed on about 150 million devices)

“The Bible is widely considered to be the best selling book of all time” Wikipedia

The Bible is everything God wanted it to be.

The Bible is always true in what God wanted it to say, but we often mishear.

The Bible is God’s blog – a personal insight into who he is.

The Bible is the story of God relating to the world he loves.

The Bible is written for believers. Non-believers will probably look at the readers before they look at the book.

The Bible is “sharper than a two edged sword”

The Bible is meant to be used as a surgeons knife not a dagger

The Bible is the lens through which we are supposed to see the world.

So that’s a few options. Which did you like? How would you finish the sentence?

You can leave your thoughts as a comment here. You can post on facebook or twitter with #TheBibleIs , or you can even have a live face to face conversation with friends.