Share a Bible

If you think Bible is worth sharing with other people this is a page with ideas about to do just that. We want to hear your ideas too.

Even if you are not yet a Christian you might be exploring the Bible for yourself and interested to know what your friends think. Why not invite them to explore along with you?

  • When you find a Bible app and a translation you like you can of course simply show friends and tell them where you got it.
  • You can help them download it there and then.
  • You can share some apps by bluetooth,wifi-direct, without the need for a network connection (more details soon)
  • You can simply point them to this site for a list of places they can access Bibles.
  • You can ask them later if they’re finding the app (and the scriptures) helpful.
  • You can go a step further and encourage people you know less well to explore the Bible.
  • As a church you can create opportunities and events for distributing electronic Bibles (you can even have a few print ones on hand)

In some places your couldn’t wear this on a T-shirt. In some you can. This site doesn’t sell T-shirts but click to download a free poster


Don’t assume people will think you are weird for wanting to give them a free Bible. (wouldn’t it be weirder to believe the Bible and not want to tell others?)

There are some handy little cards with web addresses on them kidscardread more and download a sheet at


More ideas will appear here and on our new facebook page @2000bibles. Comment here or there and say how you have given away Bibles and what the response was.


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